open source solutions


Open Source is a state of mind.
Often known in computer and internet.

It should be noted that if there had been no open source Internet of today would not exist.
There are thousands of men and women who have contributed

to the evolution of the digital world.

It is unfortunate that people be so misinformed the power of knowledge sharing.

One could also say that open source contributes to the free access of information.

But it also does not mean that is not open source is not good.

What is funny is that parties also rules cybernetic.

This may seem abstract digital but do not forget one thing that governs our lives.
This may seem very futuristic yet it’s technology is based on the same systems
the dawn of our civilization.

Themes for this blog as open source but I will show you my world and

I alchemical digital you tell and share my discoveries and my encounters

positive and negative.